27 maart 2021

American Actors Wanted for Short Period Film

Betaalde functie

Hello my name is Julius Kuyper and I am the cinematographer and writer of my graduation film As Above, So Below.
The story is set in the year 1954. Frank, a police officer who has recently become a widower, can no longer live without his wife who died from a car accident. He wants to be with her by committing suicide but in his dreams his wife tempts him not to.

I am looking for American/ English native speaking actors.

The lead rol Frank (around 30) is based on the actors Marlon Brando, William Holden and Humphrey Bogart.

Rachel (also around 30) is Frank’s wife. Her character is based on the actress Natalie Wood.

Uncle Joe (also around the same age), is related to the character Frank. Uncle Joe is also based on William Holden and Humphrey Bogart.

The 5 shooting days are expected to take place in the last week of April or the first week om May.

If interested please contact me on my mail