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Chérif Zaouali was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1977 and is from Flemish and Tunesian origin. His youth was fillied with practicing a large variety of sports which he also started teaching at the early age of 16. In 1996 he began his professional dance career with a dance production by Emilie De Vlam, performing at the Ghent International Theatre Festival. After being asked to do more theater work in 1999, Cherif moved to Amsterdam, where he has been based ever since.

Chérif is an all-round performer,  working as an actor for film and theatre to dancing on roller skates, to dance-improvisation and contemporary dance. He also became involved in commercial projects and developed himself further as a dancer, learning from people such as David Zambrano, Paola Bartoletti, Andre Gingras ect. In dance-improvisation he worked with, amongst others, Vincent Verburg, Andreas Denk, Wies Bloemen, Kenzo Kusuda, Dayna Martinez Moralez, Katie Duck and Simon Rowe…Cherif has been active as an actor in Films like ‘Two to Tango’ (Dimitri Sterkens)De LIBI (Shady el Hamus ) DOWN( Dick Maas), television ( De  Ridder, , Flikken Maastricht,Parels en Zwijnen, Onderweg naar Morgen, GTST, De Ridder, Heer en Meester, ect…) and various theatre productions (Muz Theater, Sonnevanck, Danstheater Aya) . Did commercials for Nike, Coca-Cola (by Misha Klein),Oxxio, CAZ, Abn-Amro. Performed for the benefit of Robert Wilson at Watermill center (Hamptons NYC and Berlin)

He has also been involved as choreographer and performer for big dance-events such as Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld (USA) and Sensation White and Sensation Black by ID-T (Europe).

Currently Cherif works as a freelance Actor, choreographer and dancer, involved in film and theatre productions and is remains as always in search of different ways of artistic expression…

He perfectioned his acting training at The Barrow Group (New York), Baron Brown studio (Meisner training, Los Angeles) Act2Act (NL) and the acting Year-program at Kemna-training (Netherlands).

Spare time interests:  Leather crafting , Yoga, Skating, singing ,Snowboarding,
Argentine Tango and Reiki/massaging…


Acting CV:

Acting for Film & Theatre:

2019     DE LIBI Film, drama / 102 min. / The Rogues / regie: Shady El-Hamus

2019     Spangas op zomervakantie 2(TV-Serie- Nick Jongerius – KRO-NCRV NLFilm )

2018 Flikken Maastricht 12 (tv-misdaad serie – Martin Swab – Warner Bros )
2016 De Ridder 4 (tv-misdaad serie – Eric Taelman- Eyeworks)
2015 Heer & Meester 2 (tv-serie – Marc Willard – FourOneMedia – omroep MAX)
2015 We gaan op Berenjacht (Coproductie van Theater Sonnevanck en Silbersee)
2015 De wraak van Morgarath (Theater-Tim koldenhof producties)
2015 Beyond my Walls (Documentaire – Neske Beks – Submarine )
2015 Goede tijden Slechte tijden (tv serie – Harald van Eck – Endemol )
2012-2013 Wildeman (Flora verbrugge /Theater Sonnevanck-Nationale ReisOpera-NNSO)
2008 Onderweg Naar Morgen (Tv-serie – Ray Gallenkamp – Endemol Ned. BV)
2005 De Spaanse Schans (Theater – Ben Harrison – het MUZtheater)
2005 Parels&Zwijnen (Tv-serie -Harold Oomes – Episode5 – Talpa – Rinkel Film)
2005 Vacuum Room (VideoStellage – Aernaut Mik – Dutch prod.)
2001 Down ( Film -Dick Maas – FirstFloorFeatures – NewYork- Dutch/American prod.)
1999 Komosha (Film -Frank Alsema – VPRO – Belgian/Dutch prod.)

Dance-theatre & Dance :
2016 Sluier (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA)
2014 Quatre Mains – Solo-performance (Cherif Zaouali-Kopergieterij-Belgium)
2012-2013 Wildeman (Flora verbrugge /Theater Sonnevanck-Nationale ReisOpera-NNSO)
2012 The Sweet Art of Bruising(A.Gingras–Dance Works Rotterdam/Andre Gingras)
2011 Anatomica (A.Gingras – Dance Works Rotterdam/Andre Gingras )
2010-2011 Ready made Dance (Andre Gingras – Dance Works Rotterdam- New York)
2009 Ziel (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2008 Hartstocht (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2008 Drijfzand (rerun)(Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2007-2008 Hartstocht (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2007 No Image (Vincent Verburgh – Movementalist – Fringe Rouge – Amsterdam)
2005-2006 Hera (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2005 Different Realities (Laurance Schreuder – Lozone Prod. – New York).
2003-2005 @ngst (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2004-2005 In Between Spaces (Vincent Verburgh – Movementalist – New York).
2001-2004 Drijfzand (Wies Bloemen – Danstheater AYA – International tours).
2003 Kicks/Danscombinatie 4 (Wies Bloemen-Danstheater AYA-Netherlands).
2002-2003 Triple ISH (Marco Gerris – Olbe Productions – International tours).
2001-2003 ISH Kwadraat (Marco Gerris – Olbe Productions – International tours).
1999-2002 ISH (Marco Gerris – Olbe Productions – International tours).
1999-2000 Skaters (Abdelaziz Sarrokh – Hush Hush Hush/Het Paleis – Belgium).
1997-2000 Komosha (Johan de Smet – De Kopergieterij – International tours).
1996 Presentation of Self in EDL.(Emilie de Vlam – European theater festival)

Other (Commercials / Voice-over / Performance) :
2015 Oxxio “#Apic”– TV-Commercial (XXS reclamebureau –Oxxio- Ned)
2015 Tomorrowworld Performance “Astronomer”( ID-T Belgie) in Atlanta USA
2013 Voice-over Radio commercial Ned1 –vlaams- (John Bake Postproduction)
2013 Tomorrowland (acting for filmtrailer + main stage performing)
2011 – ‘13 Boekenbal ( Praan en Roekens BV)
2012 Cinekid-Presentatie (Praan en roekens BV)
2009 -‘12 Tomorrowland- Main stage performer (Monsterverbond)
2010 – ‘12 Robert Wilson Benefit Perf. in New York and Berlin (C.Zaouali-Andre Gingras)
2004 – ‘9 ID-T Act’s – Sensation white-black. Perf. ( Monsterverbond-Movementalist ).
2004 Esprit fashion show (Ayke Productions.)
2004 Nike foto-shoot (intern flyer Europe).
2003 Coca-cola commercial “Discover New Look“( by Misha Klein).

Dutch (+Flemish-different dialects),
German (basic)

Experience & Workshops:

Acting: Steven Ditmyer (Meisner technique)
Katrien van Beurden, Mimoun Oaïssa, Dana Dewes(LA)
Hugo MetsersIII, Arnica Elsendoorn, Ben Harrisson, Bert Geurkink,
Rifka Loodijzen, Arno Diricx, Flip Filtz, Hugo Konings, Mark Ram,
Act2act-training, de Jaargang Kemna-training 2014-15’

Phisycal Skills:

– Stage Combat (Bare fist Combat & Sword “Rapier” (thin bladed sword)
-Dance (Contemporary, Improvisation, modern, Skate-dance,
Acrobatics, Argentine Tango), classical (basic))
-Roller-skating (+skate-dance)
-In-line Skating (Agressive + Vert)
-Guitar (chords)

Cherif teatches: -Dance and Physical theatre
-In-line skating, ice skating.
-Fysical movement in theatre


Actor profile:


Agent: BijMijs Agency



Nederlands (+ Vlaams), Frans, Engels, (basis Duits, Beetje Spaans)
Auto, Moter


Docent / Coach
Uitvoering: AHK
gedoceerde klassen: Docent Dans 1 en 2


Docent: DW Brown
Docent: Joanne Baron
Docent: Elaine Williams


"Geheimen van het Camera acteren"
Docent: Mimoun Oaissa
Docent: Steven Ditmyer
Overigen: speltraining
De Jaargang- Kemna Casting
Overigen: Acteertraining-Castingstaining
Theatre Hotel Courage workshop
Docent: Katrien van Beurden


Donker Bruin (naar t zwarte toe)
Donker bruin
60= mouwlengte 33=Mouwlengte tot elleboog

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