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Drie acteurs nodig voor korte film

Short film produced by Mr.Frank in Amsterdam - 2 shooting days in Amsterdam

Two friends want to meet in a foreign city over the weekend - but miscommunicate. They talk to each other on the phone, each having their own little adventure - one in the United States, one in the Netherlands.

Looking for three actors, English-speaking. There will be speaking parts, actors are desired.
Shooting will take place in Amsterdam for two days, on the 23rd and 24th of April.
Each actor will be needed for two days of shooting.


1. Marlyn: the main cast
She's a stylish, younger woman of ethnical decent. One of the two friends that plan a weekend trip together - but Marlyn ends up in Amsterdam.

Age range: mid 20s
Gender: female

2. Jan: An elegant and chic elderly woman.
She meets Marlyn on the streets of Amsterdam.
About 60 years old but still glamourous. Caucasian or Japanese.

Age range: 55-60s
Gender: female

3. Hotel Concierge: only has few lines
Age range: late 20s to late 30s

Small compensation fee is offered.
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Plaatsingsdatum vacature: 27 Maart 2019
Vervaldatum vacature: 8 Mei 2019