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Janna Fassaert
Janna Fassaert
Dutch born actress, Janna Fassaert, has found international fame from starring in
several new and upcoming projects. First known for her international role in "Couples
Retreat" starring opposite Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Malin Akerman and Jason
Bateman, Janna has also been seen in Finding North, premiering as part of American
Cinematheque at the classic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, starring Illeanna
Douglas, Fred Willard and Justine Bateman. Janna is also featured in the sequel to
the hit Dutch film All Stars 2 Old Stars, Amphibious and the documentary Never A
Though born in Holland on January 28 1981 in Naarden, Janna moved with her family at an early age to South Africa. It was there that she embraced her passion for acting. Once she saw the
Hollywood magic of the romantic period piece Gone With The Wind, acting became
her focus and dream.
At age fourteen she returned to the Netherlands and got selected out of 700 whom
auditioned, to attend the prestigious Dutch Theatre School in Maastricht where she
graduated with success.
In Holland she starred the leading role in the Golden Globe Award winning television
show Bitches, a leading role Ugly Betty and many other movies and TV shows.
About this time, Janna met famed acting coach Ivana Chubbuck in Amsterdam,
who discovered and worked with such stars as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry
and James Franco. Ivana was so impressed with Janna’s talent that she invited
Janna to come to Los Angeles and join her master acting class. Soon after, Janna
landed many TV and film roles, as mentioned above.
One of Janna's passion is helping those in need. In a constant effort "to give back"
she stepped behind the camera shooting an awesome documentary in what was
once her childhood homeland of South Africa called, "Never A Neverland". Goal:
Raising awareness and hope for the orphans of a lost generation of Swaziland child
due to the AIDS crisis. It documents the story of how Africans, Americans, teens,
moms, charities, and entrepreneurs unite to help bring hope and healing to
Swaziland rate of HIV/AIDS threatens to leave the country orphaned by the year
The inner search for her live mission, the experiences in Swaziland and the
contradiction that this seems to have with the –more or less empty - glitter and
glamour world called Hollywood, supported by physical and personal distress,
triggered Janna to return to her friends and family in Amsterdam in 2012, where she
took some time to find out what really was her personal drive.
Having a creative background as an actress and a lot of experience in the
commercial driven movie scene in LA, combined with a huge network on both
creative and commercial worlds and a genetic, natural entrepreneurial drive, she
determined her mission statement, which also determines the choices she makes as
an actress.